Dr. Harvansh Singh Judge Institute of Dental Sciences & Hospital

Notice Board/Circulars

116/11/2017Quotation for Semi Adjustable Articulator with Accessories (Arcon Type)
207/11/2017Sealed Quotation for Old Newspaper and Magazines
725/09/2017Quotations for Implant Retrieval Kit
814/09/2017Periodontal Instruments
914/09/2017Articulator with Accessories (Acron Type)
1011/09/2017Quotation for furniture
1107/09/2017Quotation regarding AMC of Generator
1230/08/2017Periodontal Instruments
1330/08/2017Quotation for Semi Adjustable with accessories (Arcon Type)
1421/04/2017Tender for thre purchase of Dental Chairs
1520/04/2017Tender for the purchase of Air Conditioners etc.
1620/04/2017Tender for the purchase of Clinical Material Cosumable & Surgical Items
1720/04/2017Tender for purchase of Dental Equipment
1820/04/2017Tender For Purchase of Dental Chairs
1916/02/2017Sealed Quotations for Estimate of the advertisement of Re-tender
2001/02/2017Sealed quotations for Repair and Installation of Electricals for Digitization of X-Ray.
2110/01/2017Quotations for the Purchase of IOPA Machine (DC Model)
2221/12/2016Sealed Quotations for the Purchase of IOPA Machine (DC Model)
2325/11/2016Sealed Quotation for Purchase of Kits & Pipettes
2425/11/2016Sealed Quotation for Purchase of Kits & Pipettes
2517/11/2016Sealed Quotations for the Purchase of Computer No.-1, Printer-01
2617/11/2016Sealed Quotations for the Purchase of IOPA machine (DC Model)
2717/11/2016Sealed Quotations for the Purchase of Surgical Items
2817/11/2016Sealed Quotations for the Purchase of Dental Material
2917/11/2016Sealed Quotations for the Purchase of Digital Sensor (RVG) with Processor-1
3028/10/2016Sealed Quotations for Purchase of Examination Gloves Small
3123/08/2016NIQ for the Aluminium Partition
3226/05/2016NIQ for the purchase of Dicom Printer and Computer
3315/10/2015NIQ for the supply of suction machine
3421/05/2015NIQ electrical items
3519/05/2015NIQ prosthodontic items
3619/05/2015NIQ Files, GP points, paper points
3730/04/2015NIQ Surgery Instruments
3826/03/2015NIQ for GIC
3926/03/2015NIQ for examination gloves
4013/03/2015NIQ sign boards
4113/03/2015NIQ Orthodontics
4213/03/2015NIQ Furniture
4318/12/2014Quotation for the purchase of Amalgam Capsules.

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